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Stevensville MI 49127
Established in May 1986, Plant Pleasers provides interior plant designs (plantscapes), plant sales as well as maintenance for commercial and residential accounts. We have a wide range of quality indoor plants available to provide just the right atmosphere. Let our 'Lady in Plants' offer her knowledge and suggestions. Plant Pleasers is locally owned and serves all of Berrien County, Southwest Michigan and Michiana. Our company is dedicated to bringing quality foliage plants indoors for our customers enjoyment and for their business image.
The services Plant Pleasers offers are the following:
A proprosal for plant sales and maintenance starts with a visit to your facility or home. We offer suggestions along with ideas of what the customer may envision. We will offer a proposal for plant and decorative containers to fit your budget. We will present photos and samples of plants and containers of proposal.
Weekly plant maintenance, with guaranteed replacements. This includes watering, fertilizing, pruning, trimming, dead heading, making replacements, leaf cleaning and overall grooming.
When weekly plant maintenance does not fit your budget; quarterly, bi-annually or other plant checks and clean ups may fill your need. This includes fertilizing, pruning, trimming, dead heading, leaf cleaning and overall grooming.
Repotting plants is offered, especially large ones. We come to you and repot usually where the plant is located. Clean ups can be included at the time of repotting if desired. Smaller plants that can be easily transported may be done at our facility. The cost involves labor and new container charges.
Silks are offered when light levels or location demands will not support live plants.
Rentals are available for special events.