(269) 429-1601
Stevensville MI 49127
· Restaurant ·
Kentia Palm, Chinese Evergreens and Red BRO Meliads in entry way by hostess stand.
· Office ·
From left to right in entry area; Chinese Evergreen, Peace Lily and Schefflera.
· Local Building ·
Custom built planter box on top of wall partition filled with Vining Pothos.
· Restaurant ·
Custom built planter box in entry filled with Peace Lilies, Palm and Sanseveria.
· Restaurant ·
Hanging Pothos and Pothos in planter boxes along entry walk with seating right below.
· Beauty Salon ·
Hanging Pothos and Vining Pothos located above tanning booths.
· Office Building ·
Ficus trees with Pothos underplantings and Peace Lilies in lobby.
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