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Q: Why buy plant maintenance when we can have an employee water the plants?
A: The employee is not trained in plant care. There is more to plant maintenance than just watering. Our staff is trained in proper plant grooming, controlled watering, plant disease and infestation. When an employee waters the office plants, it takes them away from the job they were hired to do.
Q: Why buy plants from an interior plantscaper when we can go to the local discount store and probably buy them cheaper?
A: Most discount stores don't guarantee their plants health or survival. At Plant Pleasers, we stand behind every plant we install. Each plant is inspected for disease and has been acclimated for an indoor environment. Every plants root system is fully developed.
Q: Why not purchase silk plants? They're just as lifelike and don't require any maintenance and they last longer than live plants.
A: Silk plants might be an alternative but they truly can't offer the same effects live plants do. Artificial plants can't filter the air or provide that bond in the office that only live plants can. Without proper cleaning, they become dust collectors and silk plant maintenance is still required.
Q: How often do you service our plants under a maintenance agreement?
A: We find plants benefit best under weekly plant maintenance. For the local plantscaper, this schedule is no problem.
Q: We have limited funds for plant investment. How can we be sure we getting the best pricing?
A: Plant Pleasers is based on trust, honesty and character. Competitive biding will eliminate a certain amount of over pricing but it doesn't assure quality or competence.
Q: How long does it take after we agree on installation of plants, until they are actually installed?
A: Normally delivery and installation is 2 to 3 weeks. Availability of the plants and especially seasonal variety may differ.
Q: Do you give out purchase and maintenance proposals? Are they free? Is there a charge for plant installation? Plant consultation?
A: Contact our Plant Lady who will schedule a consultation visit. After discussing your plant desires and ascertaining all aspects of your needs, she will develop a comprehensive proposal to compliment your plant budget. A second visit is scheduled to discuss the proposal, clarify any details not clear and modify the proposal to meet your satisfaction. All proposals are free.
Q: What time of day and which day of the week will you do our plant maintenance?
A: Normally, any time of day or day of the week plant maintenance is provided. Our staff is trained to not interfere with the business operation. In fact, our staff will hardly be noticed. However, special arrangements can be made to accommodate plant care at other times. If it is desired, we can leave a dated business card showing the date we performed the plant maintenance.