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Plant Pleasers specializes in interior plant design, maintenance and plant sales. Locally owned, Plant Pleasers has served Berrien County, Southwest Michigan and Michiana for over 18 years.
We consult with the business owner or facility manager in the selection and placement of live plants in the facility. In addition to the initial plant sales and installation, our service includes the option of plant maintenance, an important aspect of continued healthy plants year after year.
Plant Pleasers serves a wide range of businesses. All types can benefit, from banks and restaurants, to the factory or the professional office. Conference rooms and break areas are always popular spots for plants. Where there are people, plants will be beneficial.
Plants will contribute to the well being of the employees. Plants are best placed in cafeterias, in employee offices, in cubicles or at their work stations and other gathering places. There are many locations that will benefit from live plants. The entrance is always where that important first impression is established.
For a free proposal of interior plant design, plant sales, installation and/or plant maintenance, please give us a call at (269) 429-1601 for a personal appointment; no account is too big or too small for Plant Pleasers.
  • Interior Plant Design
  • Interior Plant Sales
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Container Sales
  • Plants beautify
  • Plants give visual privacy
  • Plants purify the air
  • Plants promote productivity
  • Plants encourage creativity
  • Plants provide contentment
  • Plants perk up the workspace
  • Plants humanize the work area
  • Plants sets the mind at ease
  • Plants create a positive impression
  • Plants set the atmosphere
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Homes
  • Professional Offices
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Any type business office